My name is Trung, which I’m sure you’ve gathered since you made it to my website.  It’s pronounced “Troon”, which sounds like spoon, which is what I find myself frequently mentioning to people who look incredibly confused when I introduce myself. 

I’m born, raised, and still residing in the San Francisco Bay Area with my wife Julie.  You can often find me; at home watching sports, in the kitchen experimenting with a new technique, trying to develop some form of a recipe from a previous experiment, or just finding some form of salty snack to enjoy (I have a weakness for all things fried potato), getting up at an unnecessary time in the morning to catch a sunrise, out and about photographing the local landscape and wildlife, or on an outdoor adventure with Julie.

I love coffee and all things related to coffee. I know you’re thinking, plenty of people love coffee, but I promise you I take it just a little further than necessary. From sourcing green, un-roasted, coffee beans and roasting/developing my own blends (Brazil, Sumatra, and a touch of Ethiopian or Uganda is my go-to espresso blend), to the menagerie of brewing methods we own (I think the count is at 7, not counting the 5 french presses we have individually), I’d be more than happy to talk to you about the intricacies of coffee origins, roasting, and brewing.

Trung Hoang of Trung Hoang Photography

Photography began for me as an art to accompany a story but I’ve learned that the best photographs are ones that tell a story on their own. That’s the beauty of wedding photography, it's an opportunity for art to tell a story and create art within the story.


Your wedding is a special day. A special day for you, your partner, your families and friends.  The goal for me when photographing your big day is to capture photographs that will help you and your loved ones relive that day for years and generations to come.  It's not just about the events and moments, but capturing the love, excitement, and jubilance that comes with such a momentous occasion.

I want you to have the best day humanly possible.  It's a once in a lifetime opportunity and photography should be the least of your concerns on that day.  Enjoy the day, enjoy your company, and leave it to me to capture it all.


Let's meet up!
Whether you're a newly engaged couple, a photographer who wants to connect, or you just think we could be friends, I'd love to hear from you or even better, meet up with you for some coffee if you're out in Bay Area.