Pricing + Frequently Asked Questions

It is truly an honor

to be considered as the photographer on your big day.  The culmination of the months of planning, the gathering of friends and family from near and far, and the beginning of an exciting new chapter of your lives.


Trung Hoang Photography Wedding Pricing
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Frequently Asked Questions

+ How much do couples typically spend with you on their wedding?
Couples typically spend $3300-$4800 on their wedding photography with me.

+ Do you charge a travel fee?
There’s no travel fee for any weddings in the SF Bay Area (75 miles or less from San Francisco). For distances beyond that, I typically only require the costs of transportation and two nights of accommodations.

+ What do we get?
I typically deliver around 600 photos for an 8-hour wedding, though every wedding is different and that number can fluctuate quite a bit. I provide you high-resolution, watermark-free, digital images through a password-protected online gallery that you can share with friends and family, as well as order professionally printed prints. You can also download the photos from the gallery.

+ Can we print the photos?
Absolutely! I highly encourage printing any photos so I provide you the high-resolution images in order for you to do so. While I provide the option of prints from a professional print lab through my online gallery, you’re more than welcome to take them to the printer of your choice. However, I cannot ensure the prints from Snapfish or your local Walgreens will be color accurate and/or sharp.

+ Are the photos edited? If so, how many?
Every photo delivered is exposure and color corrected to fit the look and style of my work.

+ How would you describe your style?
I sum up my style as visual storytelling. It’s a blend of documentary, lifestyle, traditional, and artistic photography. Throughout most of the day I want to capture the moments that occur, as they occur. Genuine actions, emotions, and reactions. These are the foundation of your story. With your couples portraits, I want to inject part of the day into the portraits, be it through the environment we photograph in or your expressions in those photographs. Then of course the family photos, traditional and essential.

+ Do you take formal group/family photos? How many can we take?
As many as you'd like! …Provided an appropriate amount of time has been allotted for them.

I believe that the family photos are an incredibly important part of the day. These are the photos you might not think super highly of now, but they absolutely stand the test of time and are photos that simply cannot be replicated at another point in time.

+ Are you insured?
Sure am! Let me know if your venue needs my insurance information and I’d be happy to get the necessary documents sent their way.

+ What kind of gear do you use?
I use Nikon full-frame DSLRs (Nikon D750 and D850) with a variety of f/1.4 prime lenses (and a few specialty pieces of equipment). I also bring a handful of flashes to light the receptions when appropriate.

+ Do you have/use backups?
In addition to the backup equipment that I bring along with me to every shoot/wedding, I’m extremely protective of the images from your wedding day and data backups are a crucial part of that.

My cameras shoot in two cards simultaneously and a copy of the card never leaves my possession until I’m able to get back home/wherever I’m staying to backup the images onto two different hard drives. From there, they’re uploaded to the cloud as a tertiary backup.

+ Can we have some references?
I don't provide my clients' information, but you can head over to The Knot or WeddingWire to read reviews from other couples!

+ Can you tell us a little more about yourself?
Of course, head over to my About Me page or drop me a line and we can schedule some time to chat in person or via Skype/Facetime and I'd be more than happy to tell you my life story (or whatever you actually want to know).