A Day at the Legendary Laguna Seca

With most things in life, in order to improve you must continue to be challenged.  As a photographer, I always try to challenge myself to improve in all facets of photography.  Whether it's pushing the creative button, forcing myself into difficult lighting situations, testing my dedication getting up for late night or early morning landscapes, or just shooting different subjects.  Automotive photography is one of the things that has always piqued my interests and was one of the things that got me into photography early on.  

Since I could remember, I've had infatuation with cars and racing and this past weekend I finally made it out to the legendary racetrack: Laguna Seca.  Home of the most famous (or at least one of) turn in the world, The Corkscrew, racers approach a blind crest where a 5-story drop over just a few hundred feet of weaving hard-left then hard-right pavement awaits.  Shooting moving cars offers it's own set of challenges, since it's pivotal to create a dynamic image, freezing the car but not freezing the wheels or background to convey a look of speed and movement. 

It was hot.  It was loud.  It was dusty.  It was awesome.