East Bay Wedding // Elvira + Hector // Bay Area Wedding Photographers

Hector is an old friend of mine, going way back to 6th grade at (now defunct) Hill Middle School in Novato.  Throughout our high school years he would hook me up with all kinds of ridiculous concoctions from Taco Bell and I of course, like 95% of teenage boys, devoured all 6 million calories of it.  I'm glad the opportunity came for me to repay him for all those awful/awesome, terribly bad for your heart, terribly good for your soul things/meals/snacks by photographing his wedding. 

Someone had to be pretty lucky to find a great guy like Hector, but it could be that Hector was the lucky one to find someone as sweet as Elvira.  While shooting their portraits, one could really tell being around one another brings out their playful personalities and have a genuine enjoyment just being with each other. 

Here are some photos from the day: