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San Francisco City Hall Wedding // Jill + Kaung // San Francisco Wedding Photographer
San Francisco City Hall Wedding

The time I spent with Jill and Kaung was filled with laughter both together and at each other. It's this kind of joy in a relationship that I love to photograph and bring out from couples.

Photographing at the San Francisco City Hall, a spectacular space filled with an abundance of soft light and striking architectural features, is always a pleasure.  After a quick informal session at city hall, we headed over to another San Francisco architectural landmark, the Palace of Fine Arts, and then concluded our day basking in the warm sunlight of the SF coast.

We would return to city hall on a quiet Tuesday morning to complete their marriage during a civil ceremony in front of friends and family from near and far. I'm pretty sure we went a little over the 6 person guest limit, but they didn't seem to mind.

Two days with two wonderful people.

San Francisco City Hall Wedding // Carrie + Scott // San Francisco Wedding Photographers

Had the pleasure of photographing Carrie and Scott at the always spectacular San Francisco City Hall.  Friday afternoons are pretty crowded at the SF City Hall, so it took some patience and planning to get some things without a mass of people in it.  Afterwards, we spent some time at the Palace of Fine Arts and Baker Beach.  Luckily for me, Carrie and Scott were awesome and we had an awesome Friday afternoon.