Personal Travel // Wildlife of Yellowstone

 Photo by Trung Hoang Photography (

(In case you missed the last part of the series, where I showcased the colors and textures from Yellowstone, you can check it out here)

…And here we have what have Yellowstone, America's Serengeti, is most known for: the wildlife. Photographing wildlife is a true test of persistence and patience, but the experience is surreal and the results are some of the most rewarding.  I rented a behemoth of a lens for the trip, a Nikon 600mm f/4 (the heaviest lens Nikon produces), and using that monster was an experience in of itself.  Holding steady a long 12lbs is harder than it seems… as a result, it was mounted on a tripod with great regularity.

The wildlife in Yellowstone, like the landscape around it, is unpredictable and ever changing, but when the light is right, the weather is terrible, and the opportunity arises, it’s an incredible sight to see.  While we didn’t catch a glimpse of a grizzly, we were pleased to encounter quite a number of bison, pronghorns, white-tailed deer, mule deer, herds of elk, young bighorn sheep, coyotes, and a just a glance of a pack of wolves before they disappeared into the forest.  Photographing the animals was a blast and definitely something I'm looking forward to doing again.  Hope you enjoy the photos!


Be sure to stay tuned for the last segment of the trip to Wyoming featuring the spectacular and staggering Teton Range of the Grand Teton National Park.

Update: Here's part 3 from Grand Teton National Park!